Wedding Day Makeup Tips and Advice


Your wedding day is going to be one of the most memorable days of your life. You want to look and feel the beautiful, radiant bride with your makeup enhancing your natural beauty. Your every blush, smile and kiss will be recorded on film so your bridal makeup needs to be picture perfect and look flawless all through your big day. This guide to wedding makeup will take the stress out planning your wedding makeup.

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Wedding makeup advice: Prepare your skin for your wedding day

Unfortunately many women wait until they are only a few months away from their wedding day before they even begin to give any thought to skin care. Start early and take care of your skin now. You will need to work out your skin type to help you establish a proper skin care regime. This, combined with good eating habits, drinking plenty of water, getting enough sleep and regular exercise will ensure that your skin will be radiant on your big day.
For help understanding your skin type and

Beauty Care Tips


Beauty care forms one of the great challenges in today’s world. It has been one of the most talked concerns in today’s world. Not only women but men have also started taking a keen interest in beauty care. Well it’s a good thing that we are talking so much about how to be beautiful or how to get those stunning looks.

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Beauty is a much diverse topic to dwell in. But, we’ll make things short and clear by concentrating on areas that can really add or enhance your looks.

Herbal Beauty Care Tips

Herbal beauty tips are safe and sound. If you want to look and feel beautiful in the most natural way, these simple and easy tricks can work well for you.

  • Bleaches are known to have a very harsh affect on our skin. But, herbal bleach such as curd or lemon can give you astounding effects that are far better than those imparted by chemical bleaches.
  • For people who are suffering from problems resulting because of

Fashion Tips For Plus Size Women


Plus size women are curvy, luxurious and sheer beauties. Though most women crave to flaunt the most hyped size zero still the true beauty of women lies in her curves. Fashion tips for these curvy women should be kept simple and subtle. The fashion communities are also recognizing their worth. A little bit of chiseling can groom them into bombshells. Good fashion tips are extremely important for them in order to make them appear stunning irrespective of their volume.

Bigger women have their own shades of beauty compared to petite damsels. They appear confident and domineering because of their volume. Most celebrities like Toccara Elaine Jones, Johanna Dray and Charlotte Coyle are sexy and extremely talented. They epitomize plus size women.

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Fashion And Makeup Tips To Look Stunning Irrespective Of Your Size

. Fashion tips for bigger woman includes right clothing, accessories and some make up. In order to appear slimmer and taller, a plus size women should

Beauty Tips for Promnight

Are you ready for prom this season? It is one of the last hurrahs of high school life, before a teen goes onto the next phase of life. There is a lot that goes into the beauty behind many of the classic prom looks, like skin care, make up, the perfect dress, a tight updo…and what is the best way to set off these looks but with just the right pair of shoes? In this post I’ll talk about some ways to make sure you’re ready to look fly at prom, from your head to your toes.

First of all, let’s talk skin and makeup. The best stylists can make your best features pop with ease, using professional make up techniques to set off your eyes, lips, jawline and other facial features. But it is up to you to take care of your skin! Make up is just the icing on top of nicely cared for skin. All skin looks different and has its pros and cons, but cleanliness goes a long way for everybody. Use soap or a more professional cleanser to cleanse your face EVERY DAY of dirt and pollution. Another step that

Great Makeup Tips For Summer

Summer is a season of sun-kissed skin and a healthy glow. You want to look fabulous? Your goal is a fresh, no-makeup appearance, a healthy, natural look with just a splash of vibrant and bold color.

Here are some essential makeup trends for the season:

1. Skin – Make your skin seem flawless, smooth, and absolutely perfect. Use a smart foundation; make sure to buy a tinted moisturizer with SPF protection. Try to keep it as minimal as possible. You want to blend outward from your nose for a continuous finish. These moisturizers are great for any skin type and provide enough coverage for the average woman.

2. Eyes – Make your eyes sparkle; make them speak volumes with a stroke of a brush. Be daring with bright blues, mesmerizing greens, sassy purples or playful teals. Try to use a single shade to avoid a color catastrophe. If those shades are too over-the-top, try a bright colored eyeliner in addition to your normal eye shadow. You don’t need to rely on black for the smoky eyes, anymore! You still get the WOW without the extra POW.

Do-it-Yourself Wedding Makeup

You want to shine like a star in your wedding photos, and the right makeup will play a big role in that. For most women, a professional makeup artist is not a necessity. These are the top DIY wedding makeup tips you need to know to get a perfect result.

Just because you do not hire a professional makeup artist does not mean that you cannot benefit from their expertise. You can schedule a free consultation with a makeup artist at a department store or your favorite makeup store, like MAC. They do not charge you for a free makeup application, based on the assumption that you will probably buy some of the products they use (which you likely will want to do anyway). It can be a great value, and you will learn tips that you will use not only on your wedding day, but for your everyday beauty routine as well. Bring a friend to help you remember all of the tips that you are given.

To get the most of of your free makeup lesson, it is important to come prepared. If at all possible, wear a

Makeup Tips for Busy Women

My friends and I often comment on the fact that there is no such thing as a nine-to-five workday any more. The standard eight hour work day went out of style with blue eye shadow and big hair.

So, how do we find the time to maintain a professional makeup look while not standing for too long in front of the bathroom mirror every morning?

Whether you’re a mum, a professional working woman or simply someone who is looking for a quick rountine in the morning, read on. I hope this simple application technique will get you through the day feeling fresh and gorgeous.

The first tip I can offer is to have a set of basic makeup products (just as you have your basic wardrobe items) that are your ‘go to’ items. These should include:

– an easy to apply foundation (such as a mineral powder foundation)
– eyebrow pencil
– a mid-tone eye shadow (not too dark or too light)
– black mascara
– blush
– neutral lip gloss or lipstick

Don’t go overboard; you want to look professional,

Tips for Beautiful Makeup

Beautiful makeup tips are useful to know what you should do to make the makeup work to its fullest capacity, for, makeup done unprofessionally and without any thought would not be able to give you the desired results. Before applying the makeup that you hope would create a magical aura around you, consider these following tips for beautiful makeup:

Beautiful Makeup Tip 1

It is better to use toner on your face first. Use of a good moisturizer is also a good option, as this helps in proper and better blending of foundation. This is where most of people do not put proper care and end up in a mess of things, as the foundation does not give desired results!

Beautiful Makeup Tip 2

Use your fingers for working the foundation on one area of your face. It is better if you are moving your fingers in circular motion, and after you have finished this finger-walk, you can use sponge for the final working of the foundation.

Beautiful Makeup Tip 3

It is advisable to use a translucent

Step by Step Makeup

There are certain steps to be followed before applying makeup.

Start by applying cleanser on the face and neck with your fingers.

Gently massage with your fingers in an outward and circular motion for a few seconds. Wipe off with a damp piece of cotton wool or splash water on your face, to get a perfectly clear face. Pat dry with a clean towel to dry the face. Always wash face with cleansing milk.

To remove the greasiness which appears on the face after the use of cleanser, you definitely need to use a toner.Put a few drops of toner on a piece of cotton wool and apply it on the face and leave it on. Finally use a moisturizer with your finger tips on your skin to make it soft, smooth and glowing. It also provides longer wear for make up.

Step by step Makeup

The first and most important step is the application of foundation. So, Start by using a little foundation so as to get a very thin layer of foundation to even out your skin color. You may even use a cover stick or concealer marks, dark circles and

Makeup Tips to Turn the Ugly Duckling into a Swan

Not everybody looks like Helen of Troy. If Mother Nature happened to be harsh on you concerning looks, you can score over her with some easy to practice makeup tips. It is guaranteed that these makeup tips will turn even a plain Jane into a woman of rare and exquisite beauty.

There are makeup tips for every beauty problem. With makeup, you can draw attention to your most beautiful feature or downplay a not particularly appealing one or even hide a scar or blemish.

Every makeup tip is unanimous on one point and that is a good skin foundation. It is essential for that “oh-so-glamorous” porcelain smooth look. A foundation also gives protection to the delicate facial skin from harmful weather forces and pollution. In conjunction with a moisturizer, it prevents the skin from ageing.

The key to sparkling eyes, as every eye makeup tip will swear by, is light colored eye shadows like brown, mauve, vanilla or beige. You can play in the subtle undertones of the skin and opt for colors like gold, olive, pale purple and gray.

The adventurous at heart

Makeup Tips for Busy Professional Women

In today’s busy world many women are finding it hard, to have the time to look their best, but they must still look professional and make-up does make a big difference. But, how you can find the time to apply your makeup, cook breakfast, send your husband off to work, get the kids off to school and drop some off at daycare. This is not an easy feat for most women. But, I believe this makeup application tip will aid you in getting yourself ready and still be able to handle what ever is on your plate for the day.

First, a beauty makeup tip would be to purchase these items, a good moisturizer, and an easy to apply foundation, eye shadow, eye concealer, blush, and mascara. That’s it. Do not go over board on your beauty routine during the times you have to rush off to work.

Now, for the quick makeup application tip. First, if you can do without foundation, skip it. Do not forget the moisturizer; your skin needs the extra moisture. If you cannot do without the foundation, the quickest way to apply the foundation is

Reclaim Your Beauty

Do you ever feel like your wrinkles aren’t visible until you put on makeup? Does it seem like the more foundation and powder you apply, the more your wrinkles show? It’s not just your imagination as improper makeup application as well as using the wrong type of makeup can cause you to look older.

Fine lines and wrinkles come from thinning, loss of elasticity and dehydration of the skin.You can combat this by trying the following:

Cleanse Your Skin

Never apply makeup on a dirty face, make sure you wash your face thoroughly before applying makeup. Choose a gentle cleanser to keep from stripping your skin of its natural oils.


This will help to even out your skin by alleviating any dry patches or blotches, it also helps give your skin a barrier to the makeup you apply onto your face.


Applying a primer will prep your skin for the foundation so that it lays on your skin smoothly, rather than sneaking into the crevices of your wrinkles. This causes any wrinkles you

Beauty Makeup Tips

There is nothing worse than a woman with lots of makeup on. It can make you look old and draggish. I don’t wear makeup in public but I do put it on when taking photographs or making videos of myself and sometimes I can look like those drag queens on TV. Here’s a tip for women I would like to share. Less is definitely more. Makeup should enhance your natural beauty not cover it. People want to see your face and not an over exaggerated version of yourself. Keep the queen in the pictures but in public show your true face. Men actually like a fresh face or the real you.

There are the essential must have items of makeup every woman should own. All women should have a good long-lasting mascara to lengthen the lashes and make them stand out. Those false lashes are a waste of time and money. Often I see them ready to fall off the woman’s eyelash struggling to hang on for dear life; simple mascara will do the trick. You can use clear mascara alone or apply first underneath black mascara.

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Tips on How to Date Women Online

If you are a man looking for some date or wanting to meet beautiful women not only in your area but in different parts of the world, you can actually go to the internet and find the right woman for you. Like dating in the ‘real’ world, there are also considerations and guides that you have to keep in mind to be successful in online dating.

To help you have a good start in finding your dream woman online, here are a few online dating tips for men to help you find the right woman for you.

– Find a good online dating site. Read reviews and testimonials and check out if the site is reliable enough. You can determine this by checking their success rate in couples who actually got married because of their site. You can also check out the number of members they have, so you will also have higher chances of finding the woman for you.

– Always keep safety in mind. One of the important online dating tips for men that you should always remember is that, scams and posers can exist

How to Be Irresistible to Men

Most often, if we talk about how to be irresistible to men, what comes in mind is a stunning beauty, perfect height, long legs and a seductive look. Yes, we, women are trying hard to look like those in magazines and even undergoing surgeries just to have that perfect body we think can make us irresistible to men.

But is it really just physical? Having a pleasing look matters but learning how to be irresistible to men is not just about being physically beautiful but having the right attitude and behavior. Of course, we are talking about attracting the man who wants to be your lifetime partner and not just some guy who wants to spend the night with you.

If you want to learn how to be irresistible to men, here are some tips and ways on how to be attractive to them.

– Smile. Probably the simplest gesture you can do to attract men even without saying a word is to wear a smile on your face. Most men find a woman’s smile attractive, so be ready to give that warm smile. It will also


Top 5 Old Fashioned Dating Tips

Old Fashioned Dating Tips for Men

Try this one out for me. Do a quick Internet search for the phrase “dating tips for men” and tell me what you come up with. If you did it right, you will end up with a bunch of web pages telling you at least a hundred different tips and tricks to use on a date.

Logic will tell you that with all the information provided to you, there will be some conflicting and confusing details. Do you really have to read through all of these tips and tricks just to make sure you find a great woman?

Not at all.

Although I may have something that will really knock you off your socks. A tactic that will surely net you the best woman. It’s not even that hard. The secret? Go old school!

Yep. Old fashioned dating really works wonders. If you are wondering what I mean when I say old-school dating tips for men then here are some tips you might want to look into.

  1. Make Your Intentions Clear – Nowadays, dating is a bit more complicated. You could basically ask somebody out without

Beauty Improvement Tips for Women

Beauty can play a role in having a woman snag a man to date. It is true that it takes more than beauty to attract the attention of a potential date, but to first catch the eye of the guy you need to look attractive and presentable. Here are some tips that you could use as you try to become more beautiful or more attractive to guys and increase your chances of having someone come over and ask you for a date.

Start Early

Women should start taking care of their own beauty even at a young age. Young women are generally more attractive because they have healthier skin, but it does not mean older women cannot be as attractive as these girls. All it really takes is becoming more conscious and being more diligent in taking care of one’s skin in order to retain the beauty you once enjoyed in your youth.

So, while you’re still young, make an effort to take care of your skin in order to remain beautiful even when you have grown a bit older. For the older women, don’t fret! You

Beauty Improvement Tips for Women

Beauty can play a role in having a woman snag a man to date. It is true that it takes more than beauty to attract the attention of a potential date, but to first catch the eye of the guy you need to look attractive and presentable. Here are some tips that you could use as you try to become more beautiful or more attractive to guys and increase your chances of having someone come over and ask you for a date.

Start Early

Women should start taking care of their own beauty even at a young age. Young women are generally more attractive because they have healthier skin, but it does not mean older women cannot be as attractive as these girls. All it really takes is becoming more conscious and being more diligent in taking care of one’s skin in order to retain the beauty you once enjoyed in your youth.

So, while you’re still young, make an effort to take care of your skin in order to remain beautiful even when you have grown a bit older. For the older women, don’t fret! You

Why Beautiful Mature Women Let Themselves Go

In high school, she dated the cutest boy in class. She was voted college home-coming queen by a landslide. As a young career woman, she was a force to be reckoned with; charismatic and sharp. Now at age 45, she has gained 30 pounds and spends most of her days in sweat pants and extra large t-shirts. Why do beautiful mature women, let themselves go?

1. They don’t have the time. Many women feel there are just not enough hours in the day to spend on themselves. The demands of family, work, and social obligations keep their schedules jam-packed. If time is a dilemma, try these time saving strategies: get a stunning low maintenance haircut, hang your clothes into fashionable ready to wear outfits, brighten up your face with a little mascara and a nice shade of lipstick, get fit by walking more and sitting less.

2. They don’t have enough money. We are living in tough times with rising gas and food prices. Most women just don’t feel splurging on themselves is justified. However, in tough times we need to be at our best just to cope. Try to

How to Attract Beautiful Intelligent Women

How to attract beautiful intelligent women and keep them!

Each and every day I meet successful stylish men who open up to me and reveal they are confused. Men today are unsure of how to talk to women let alone approach or capture the attention of attractive intelligent women.

I like to call this the gender confusion, today women are becoming more and more masculine, powerful at work and increasingly aloof not knowing when to be feminine and soft leaving men with no idea how to act amongst these new super independent mystery women. Sound familiar? You are not along even the most outwardly confident men are searching for the answers.

Should they be arrogant? Should they be aloof? Do women want a bad boy? Do Mr Nice guy ‘s always end up as friend?

The confusion often results in nothing evolving except a string of games followed by sheer exhaustion and ultimately escaping what could have been the bliss of two becoming one!

A little cliché I know but it’s the cupid coming out in me…as I always say I

How to Attract Beautiful Mature Women

Did you know that pick up lines are completely worthless when it comes to attracting women to you? What if I told you that mature women would have a natural undeniable attraction for you if you worked on just these 5 things in your life? Did you know that being rich, having expensive cars and showering women with gifts is not only unnecessary but also attracts the wrong type of women?

In fact if you don’t do these 5 things you have no chance of getting a beautiful mature woman! You would end up alone or with an unattractive destructive toxic immature girl.

Here is your elite 5 man commandments you need to do for yourself so you can be confident enough to pick up any woman that you desire.


A real beautiful authentic mature woman desires a man with passion. She looks beyond the little boys who shower her with gifts (that most likely they can’t afford) or shows off in a car they can’t afford. Mature women are looking for a man who has figured the world out…